MAL Bingo

Kurz-Update: Ich mache beim MAL-Bingo mit. Das ist nicht so geil wie das Baphomet-Bingo, aber man kann nicht alles haben.

Hier das Kärtchen:


Hier die Challenge:

  1. [Started: <date>] [Finished: <date>] <##>. 34. Watch a completed anime with a popularity of or above #601 – #602: Texhnolyze
  2. [Started: <date>] [Finished: <date>] <##>. 56. Watch an anime tagged as Historical, Martial Arts, Samurai and/or Super Power: Samurai: Peace Maker Kurogane
  3. [Started: <date>] [Finished: <date>] <##>. 36. Watch a completed anime with more user in „Plan-to-Watch“ than „Completed“ – Completed: 10,719; Plan to Watch: 15,849: Le Chevalier D’Eon
  4. [Started: <date>] [Finished: <date>] <##>. 73. Finish an on-hold or dropped anime: Dropped: Miracle☆Train: Oedo-sen e Youkoso
  5. [Started: <date>] [Finished: <date>] <##>. 09. Watch an anime with a character voiced by one of your favorite voice actors – Kimura Ryouhei: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
  6. [Started: <date>] [Finished: <date>] <##>. 14. Watch an anime which began airing between 1917 and 1959: Saiyuuki: Son Gokuu Monogatari
  7. [Started: <date>] [Finished: <date>] <##>. 24. Watch an anime with 33 episodes or more: Great Teacher Onizuka
  8. [Started: <date>] [Finished: <date>] <##>. 17. Watch an anime which began airing between 1990 and 1999: Cowboy Bebop
  9. [Started: <date>] [Finished: <date>] <##>. 60. Watch an anime that another user has completed for this challenge – link the post here and state the username: #102 Krona M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane
  10. [Started: 16.01.2017] [Finished: <date>] <##>. 63. Watch an anime that was recently reviewed Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei
  11. [Started: <date>] [Finished: <date>] <##>. 01. Watch an ONA or stand-alone OVA : True Love Story
  12. [Started: <date>] [Finished: <date>] <##>. 38. Watch an anime with a main cast primarily of one gender – needs 3 or more main characters:5: Hybrid Child
  13. [Started: <date>] [Finished: <date>] <##>. 23. Watch an anime with 22 episodes or more: Ultra Maniac
  14. [Started: <date>] [Finished: <date>] <##>. 51. Watch an anime tagged as Drama, Slice of Life and/or Romance: Romance: Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
  15. [Started: <date>] [Finished: <date>] <##>. 04. Watch a Music type anime : Heart Realize
  16. [Started: <date>] [Finished: <date>] <##>. 70. Choose a random trope from TVTropes and watch an anime listed under the trope – Meaningless Meaningful Words
    : Steins;Gate
  17. [Started: <date>] [Finished: <date>] <##>. 43. Watch an anime with a main character that is a professional in his field – fotographer: Speed Grapher
  18. [Started: <date>] [Finished: <date>] <##>. 22. Watch an anime with 11 episodes or more : Elfen Lied
  19. [Started: <date>] [Finished: <date>] <##>. 58. Watch an anime tagged as Kids, Magic and/or Music: kids: Pokemon: The Origin
  20. [Started: <date>] [Finished: <date>] <##>. 29. Watch an anime adapted from a Book, Picture Book, Novel or Light Novel: Gankutsuou

Mach doch auch mit! (Bäh, warum sollte ich?!)


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